goodbye fortnite...
Jiashuo Zhang
Jiashuo Zhang Soat oldin
GRANT we need for mobile fortnite
Teion Gamer
Teion Gamer Soat oldin
No tiko is king
Dawn Pant
Dawn Pant Soat oldin
Your not in season 3
XYUNGBRATZX ON 60fps Soat oldin
8:43 Snicker doodle cookie😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Swapan Kundu
Swapan Kundu Soat oldin
Your still trash jk your goated
FoRt GaMeR
FoRt GaMeR Soat oldin
Play on a phone not a tab
Genesis Gsn
Genesis Gsn 2 soat oldin
You can play in GeForce
Christian Savage
Christian Savage 2 soat oldin
Cap he on mobile season 6
Christian Savage
Christian Savage 2 soat oldin
I'm in season 6 on mobil
Julian Sparrock
Julian Sparrock 2 soat oldin
Who else don’t care cause the have a demon pc 😂
ZΣ Nathan Galaxies
ZΣ Nathan Galaxies 2 soat oldin
Not banned on android :)
Morgan Graham
Morgan Graham 2 soat oldin
B1ast 2 soat oldin
i need more
notluce 2 soat oldin
Just get a android tablet iteyet
Paolo Smith
Paolo Smith 2 soat oldin
More of fortnight mobile video hurry up
Paolo Smith
Paolo Smith 2 soat oldin
Tell me the perfect video
parxy 2 soat oldin
Well when you left @jimpapi is the KING OF MOBILE
Juno GC
Juno GC 2 soat oldin
What is the map code?
Abraham Fernandez
Abraham Fernandez 2 soat oldin
How do you edit and do you edit will finger or do you edit by Button
Samantha Garibay
Samantha Garibay 3 soat oldin
Grant try that
Chrismarily patiño
Chrismarily patiño 3 soat oldin
Chrismarily patiño
Chrismarily patiño 3 soat oldin
Mr TomTheGod YT
Mr TomTheGod YT 3 soat oldin
How are you playing season 6????
Asian Potato
Asian Potato 3 soat oldin
More mobile vids plz on tablet s7
Fernando Hensley
Fernando Hensley 3 soat oldin
Hes in chapter 2 season 6😳
Sabri Mohamed
Sabri Mohamed 3 soat oldin
Can u use ato fire
CUG ZUSS 3 soat oldin
8:28 rEnAgAdE rEnAgAdE rEnAgAde
Omar Abood
Omar Abood 3 soat oldin
We want
FluxFN 3 soat oldin
ok so i need a little refresher here, i haven't checked in on grant since season 3, so please tell me, are mobile players still stuck in season 3 or are they able to play up to date with us ps4/5, xbox series x, nintendo switch, pc players in season 6
METAL 3 soat oldin
Can you 1v1 me i play mobile to, but on season 6
ERC Cayjin
ERC Cayjin 3 soat oldin
Bro how are you gonna say it’s your own tik tok wouldn’t that mean your roasting yourself😂
Rupal Patel
Rupal Patel 3 soat oldin
I play on PS4 but my brother plays on mobile we always use to catch dubs also jimipapi your the best
Nina B 0:
Nina B 0: 3 soat oldin
He’s not hacking
Nina B 0:
Nina B 0: 3 soat oldin
There just mad they don’t have aimbot so there mad 🤪😂 plot twist
TaZe_ Fist
TaZe_ Fist 4 soat oldin
You cant play Fortnite on iPhone because epic took more money from apple and apple took away Fortnite from appstore
Maanz 09
Maanz 09 4 soat oldin
Wait how he playing on this new seaso with the net guns if he in mobile
Du11 Playz
Du11 Playz 4 soat oldin
“Omg im cranking so-“ Famous last Fortnight words
Du11 Playz
Du11 Playz 4 soat oldin
他们 demo
他们 demo 4 soat oldin
He’s in season 6 not 3
BTW _Roman
BTW _Roman 4 soat oldin
The salty clan ruined you
Bk.07z Kelly
Bk.07z Kelly 4 soat oldin
More mobile content
Aaron Phipps
Aaron Phipps 4 soat oldin
Get galaxy story
Aaron Phipps
Aaron Phipps 4 soat oldin
I have mobile lol
shane danger
shane danger 4 soat oldin
I’m I the only one that thinks he reminds me of clix 😂
Ajdin Grcic
Ajdin Grcic 4 soat oldin
Thats where my vbucks went...
Apocalypse 4 soat oldin
i thought you was stuck in season 3 why is there makeshift bows ??
Dominic Jay
Dominic Jay 4 soat oldin
This. Diss is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥banger
Mah Monir Valizadeh
Mah Monir Valizadeh 4 soat oldin
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 soat oldin
Everyone gets vbucks by using their moms credit cards.
evan hughes
evan hughes 5 soat oldin
haha im tikos tumbs up and honestly you deserve to not play at all
Advent Stormz
Advent Stormz 5 soat oldin
Hi grant
Super gamer boy
Super gamer boy 5 soat oldin
Yo you can play fortnite on mobile but I have to be an Android
Master AJ
Master AJ 5 soat oldin
wait i saw boney burbs on his fortnite map
ToRmEnT CODM 5 soat oldin
Mobile yay
Avoid bots
Avoid bots 5 soat oldin
TrueSwifty 5 soat oldin
Bruh Your not even in season 3
Biddle Parents
Biddle Parents 5 soat oldin
and ursalty thinks that they are better grant alone could clap both of them with a pikaxe in a mile second
TrueSwifty 5 soat oldin
Get a Samsung galaxy and play fortnite on that
Jason Moon
Jason Moon 5 soat oldin
Salvador 3 PR
Salvador 3 PR 5 soat oldin
Pls play mobile bro
YoClxps 5 soat oldin
How are u 1 hp But it said 21
Sizz Olaguer
Sizz Olaguer 6 soat oldin
Play cod mobile its better
Christian Augello
Christian Augello 6 soat oldin
Poor Jarvis
Chloe Kearney
Chloe Kearney 6 soat oldin
Your a lot better than me even on mobile and I'm on Xbox
Alexawesome1 6 soat oldin
He said mobile was stuck on season 3 but the public games was season 6
Gaming with lukaツ
Gaming with lukaツ 6 soat oldin
moblie for life kings
Dylan Ramos
Dylan Ramos 6 soat oldin
I’m god on grant how are fortnite season6
Joseph Bollock
Joseph Bollock 6 soat oldin
Mobile is coming back this September
Omutto 789
Omutto 789 6 soat oldin
Me seeing man cake season 5 skin in the lobby
Dmoney Rose
Dmoney Rose 6 soat oldin
I miss mobile grant bring it back pls 😓
DAUN 6 soat oldin
The goat is back we just gotta wait 2 months for the last trail for the return
Lol Lmao
Lol Lmao 6 soat oldin
How do you play fortnight on mobile
IKONIK NI3O 7 soat oldin
Who else Can see AutoFire
Blaze_NGl 7 soat oldin
Does he not know that He’s in the new season
Dan Golevski
Dan Golevski 7 soat oldin
Can u show us a totorial of how to get fortnite on ipad
Tanqr Fan1839
Tanqr Fan1839 7 soat oldin
Herbert Brandon
Herbert Brandon 7 soat oldin
High sky you lit
RN3CAM_ YT 7 soat oldin
On galaxy play store
RN3CAM_ YT 7 soat oldin
Im on mobile and im in the new seoson
Friday night funkin boyfriend
Friday night funkin boyfriend 7 soat oldin